Agricultural Engg. Works



Semi Hydraulic Disc Harrow

We are manufacturer and supplier of semi hydraulic disc harrow which can provide high standard of work due to its multi-position attachment. These are available with mechanical or hydraulic angling adjustment which adapt quickly to working conditions…..

Rigid Disc Harrow

Rigid Disc Harrow is extensively used to break the soil for sowing the seeds and it can be fixed with many sharp and revolving circular blades. This is equipped with a long and sharp metal circular disks fitted with an angle on single or multiple axles. An exclusive range of Rigid Disc Harrow is widely appreciated for its strong and sturdy features....

Hydraulic Tractor Trolley

We are manufacturing hydraulic tractor trolley which is essential equipment for agricultural operations. You can also avail single or double axle with this as per your requirements…..


We are amongst the well known manufacturer of subsoiler which is tractor mounted agricultural equipment. These are widely used to loosen and break up soil at depth below the level of a traditional disk harrow….

Rotary Tiller

You can rely on our immense expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide spectrum of rotary tiller which is known as a motorized cultivator. It works soil through rotating tines or blades….

Reversible MB Plough

We are known as amongst the predominant reversible MB plough manufacturer in India. These are extensively acclaimed for its impeccable quality which is complying with the industrial quality standards…


We are engaged in manufacturing cultivator which is known as agricultural equipment that is mostly used for stirring the soil. It is operated by a tractor that pulverizes the soil. Cultivators are mostly used to complete the operations of cultivation and also used to prepare a seedbed for planting the crop....


We are manufacturer of leveller which is known as agricultural equipment and extensively used for leveling, filling, back fillings, farm clearing etc. This is a perfect option to fit soil retaining wings on both ends of the blade for carrying the soil without spillage and also suitable for non-sticky soils....

Zero Till Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill Machine

We are involved in manufacturing and supplying an enormous range of Zero Till Seed cum Fertilizer Drill Machine which is available at most competitive prices�

Reversible Disc Plough

We are amongst the leading reversible disc plough which is directly mounted to the tractor, implement for preparation of land. These are very useful in hard and dry trashy trumpy land and soil where scouring is a problem….